Mastering Systems Integration

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Mastering Systems Integration '20/'21

15/07 to 31/01/2022

Mastering Systems Integration via USN

22/09 to 31/12/2020
Online dialogue sessions on: 7,13 & 15 Oct. Remote course on: 21, 22 & 23 Oct.
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What is this course all about?

Systems integration requires cooperation from many project members, such as project leaders, product managers, architects, lead designers, integrators, and testers. Integration is more than a simple aggregation as the reverse of the decomposition. When system integration is done well, the customer gets the right product with the right dynamic behavior as expected within time

The learning objectives are:

  • understand & explain the underlying principles of early validation (basic)
  • clarify theory of nuggets by giving examples and challenges from own company (intermediate).
  • identify what your key performance parameters are on your project and how to keep track on them during the development process (deepening)
  • explore and understand the required pro-active mindset (deepening)
  • reflect and adapt in your own specific environment of the organization (all levels)
  • Align the different project team members towards a mutual goal and understanding (learning objective for teams)
  • Create an usable integration sequence and project plan (learning objective for teams)
  • Know when to reflect & adapt during the project (learning objective for teams)

Is this the course for you?

We made this course for different target groups:

  1. For individuals that are new on integration projects. You can be that new engineer, project leader, product manager, tester, integrator or architect that will be involved in an integration project.
  2. For mentors & coaches in a company who guide (young) professionals or teams working on integration
  3. For teams that want to grow professionally and together on their current project and increase result of integration project to stay within time & budget.
  4. For facilitators who will guide/coach a company from outside the company.

Learning effort & impact

How much you get out of this course, depends on the investment and therefor the impact this can make. Next to that we made some videos mandatory and some electives, so you can decide for yourself what is relevant. We advice you to spread the videos over a time of 6 to 12 weeks, so you won't get an information overload.

Level: Anyone can join - no prerequisites!
Language: English

How is the course organized?

When you enrol in this course, you will have standard access to: 

  • all online matterials for one year (videos, reflection questions and job aids)
  • online Slack interaction and support for as long as the course runs
  • Free entrance to webinars with special integration topics.

PRICE: € 650 + VAT

For a customized programme for your team (assessment or learning as a service), curriculum support for multiple professionals of your company or for additional support for individuals, you can contact for further inquiries to align the programme to your needs. 


Overview possible tracks


For individuals time For teams time
1: Basic Watch videos & reflect 16 h  Watch videos, reflect & discuss 25 h
2: Intermediate Peer group and mentoring for transfer of information into practical knowledge by dialogues. (additional costs for external mentor) 9 h

Assessment workshop on an actual project (additional costs)

 6 h
3: Deepening 3-day face-to-face workshop with your own example project as case (only possible as inhouse program - additional costs) 24 h Learning-as-a service on your project (additional costs) 40 h



Gerrit Muller

Questions about course content? 

Laura Van Veen

Questions about Learning, transfer and further options for development?